Together with pride

The budget provided by CPS is not enough to support our programs. We fundraise to provide financial assistance to South Loop Elementary School to ensure all children develop advanced life skills by providing support to programs that fosters student leadership, academic rigor, fine arts integration, social and emotional consciousness, and an understanding and acceptance of diverse cultures in an inclusive environment.


Donations of any amount are appreciated to support all our programs to support SLES.

Get Involved

We need committee members and volunteers to help organize and plan fundraisers.


We rely on partnerships and donations from businesses to help reach our fundraising goals.

Special Thanks to our

Community Champions & Recent Donors


$25.00 December 24, 2020

Tracey Harkins

$20.00 December 22, 2020

Jonina Friedman

$50.00 December 21, 2020

Donating for my good friend, Ms. Jaffe, who is an excellent music teacher!

tara rossi

$20.00 December 21, 2020

Jamie Moy

$20.00 December 20, 2020

Amy Moy

$40.00 December 20, 2020

For the pop Christmas cookies (2 boxes)

Jennifer Ng

$20.00 December 20, 2020

Anna & Andrew Beaser

$1,000.00 December 20, 2020

GivingTuesday Match

$50.00 December 8, 2020

Pre-K - $50 #GivingTuesday donation match

GivingTuesday Match

$100.00 December 8, 2020

Kindergarten - $100 #GivingTuesday donation match

GivingTuesday Match

$100.00 December 8, 2020

8th grade - $100 GivingTuesday Donation Match

Kathryn and Harold Caldwell

$30.00 December 5, 2020